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Comfort Zone

These last few years of trainings to become a yoga teacher and now an Ayurveda Health Counselor have consistently thrown me out of my comfort zone. I was always one to stay in the background, I'm extremely introverted and tend to watch more than I participate. I decided to attend teacher training for my own education and to deepen my personal practice. I didn’t think nor did I plan to teach others let alone open a yoga studio. This was never my plan, I never planned to constantly place myself in a place of vulnerability. But here I am, I’m a RYT 500, Ayurveda Health Counselor and Reiki Master with a lot of education and strong desire to share. What does that mean? That means I constantly push myself through and past my comfort zone.

I’ve been forcing myself to lead workshops and now my most recent endeavor, public speaking something I have successfully avoided my entire life even through high school. I opted to take tests or write essays just to avoid something I am absolutely terrified of - public speaking. So why, why now, why am I choosing to put myself completely out of my comfort zone and into a very scary place? The true story is, I believe I’ve found my Dharma, my calling, my life purpose, whatever label you feel like calling it. But more so, I truly believe in what I’m talking about, I’m passionate in my desire to share and hopefully help others as much as yoga and Ayurveda have helped me. At my age, I’m truly trying to figure this life thing out, or at least think I’m getting a better understanding.

Sometimes in life, we just have to do something, we are forced and/or drawn to do things that we never thought we would do. So here I am preparing my outline for my very first, yes, very FIRST public speech. Yes, I’m am 100% terrified. Yes, I’m 100% unsure of myself and I believe that yes, I will screw it up. But you know what, no one will know that I missed a point that I wanted to share. You know why, only I know my plan, only I am in control of what I say. So wish me luck, come see me speak if you have the time and would like to come, its free. I’m doing what I truly feel passionate about and that’s what matters. Sink or swim in the deep end for me that’s the zone I’m in, completely out of my comfort zone and completely sure I'm the only one who will know if I screw it up.


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