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So this has been my yoga journey…so far. Yoga came to me many years ago as a means to stretch after being a distance runner and power weight lifter. I know!! Right??!!! I power lifted weights for years, often times, way too much for my size and being a female, thankfully no serious injuries occurred.

I didn’t think of yoga as exercise because you know, yoga is easy. So I came to and away from yoga for many years until more than 25 years ago it took hold fully. I was at a very difficult time in my life, dealing with significant health issues and a crumbling marriage. I would come to the floor, with my thin little mat if I had one at all, I don’t really remember having one. I’d pop in my VHS tape (yes, I’m that old) and practice away. Most times not understanding what the teacher said, or not understanding how my body was to feel in a given pose. I kept at it though, I didn’t put it together until much later how that short practice helped my mind. Yes, it was an escape as exercise had always been for me, the one part of my life that I could usually control. Little else in my life did I have control over.

So I would practice off and on for many years leading up to that time. I would talk about it with a few friends or co-workers to only have them look at me oddly until I stopped talking about yoga. I kept at it though, through the demise of my marriage and subsequent single parenting with an ex who wasn’t very kind. I kept at it, still not realizing the peace of mind it was giving to me. I thought that was from my therapist at the time. I’m sure she helped, she definitely told me I was strong enough to overcome all the things that had happened in my life up to that time. She believed in me when I couldn’t do that for myself. Yoga believed in me too, I just didn’t see it yet.

Fast forward through the gunk that was my life. Perhaps I’ll come back to it some day in this blog.

About ten years ago, I started reading more about yoga, the philosophy behind what yoga is. I’m one that needs to know the “why” in things that I do. I was the child who constantly asked why. LOL. This has never changed. Yoga really lit me up to say the least, I kept with my personal practice often times attending studios or gyms seeking what I didn’t know was there. More often than not, I did my practice solo, just on my own, no tapes usually. I kept thinking to myself that I needed to know more, perhaps a teacher training, not that I ever wanted to teach people. Just for my own knowledge and growth. I talked to a few of my yoga teachers at the time most of whom tried steering me to a power flow school. This wasn’t for me, I enjoyed power flow at that time in my life. I was off and on in a studio but power flow wasn’t what I wanted long term. I knew this instinctually. I interviewed a few locations by going to studios and observing, asking a few questions here and there.

Then I broke my foot pretty badly, uggh, laid up again, but still trying to do yoga, usually on my ottoman because I couldn’t bear too much weight on my foot. I denied the need for surgery for a few months until my foot healed pretty badly and I walked with a significant gimp and pain. Surgery had to happen, now I’m seriously laid up, I can’t do anything on my foot for a least four months!!! Ughhh, talk about time on my hands. Those that know me, know I need to be busy.

So while laid up, I began again to interview studios for teacher training, this time by phone so I had to have real conversations with people. I couldn’t just casually observe, think about teacher training and go home from a class like I had been doing for close to a year at that point when the idea or need for more knowledge came to me. So I talked to Carla at Om My Yoga multiple times. She asked me what my hold back was, I told her well I just had this surgery and I’m in a boot and on crutches for at least another three months and was waiting until I was healed to begin a teacher training program. That I barely had my physical practice at that time other than from a chair. She asked the same question again, “why not now??” Hmm, this lady was pretty pushy in my mind. So I ended the call, but her voice kept coming back to me. What was REALLY holding me back at this point, she wasn’t pushy, she just asked a direct question that I couldn’t or didn’t want to truly answer. What did I have to lose if I just went to the first weekend training??? Really, what did I have to lose? So I called Om again, this time I talked to Rachel, founder and awesome mentor at Om My Yoga. She asked the same thing when I mentioned my boot, she just didn’t see that as an issue why was I seeing it as an issue? Hmm, good question. So I signed up for the first weekend of training on the agreement that if I did all they would give me the discount price for my trying out the first weekend. Seemed fair to me, it is quite a commitment of time and money for any person to do. Needless to say, I signed up, I completed the first weekend and then did all six modules with the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and continue to learn from them.

Well this seems a logical place to pause my first blog post. I’ll come back and I want to talk in greater detail about Om My Yoga as well as continue sharing my yoga journey.


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