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Resolution vs. Intention

With the New Year almost upon us, we often set resolutions. The meaning of resolve is to settle or find a solution, which to me almost sounds like we have something that needs fixed within ourselves. Resolutions are often forgotten within a few weeks after the New Year when we quickly fall back into the same old routine and ruts of life or Samskaras in Sanskrit.

Rather than resolve to change something about ourselves, why not set an intention that is attainable and fulfilling for you. Intention means an idea that you plan to carry out. That to me sounds so much better than I have this thing wrong with me that needs fixed. Your intention does not need to be difficult, the intention could be as simple as practicing kindness towards yourself. You could intend to take better care of yourself both physical, mentally and spiritually.

All too often we set these large resolutions that we have to write down just to remember what it is that we set out to do. The lists when unfulfilled becomes a reminder of our failing at whatever was on the list in the first place. We then are harder on ourselves. We beat ourselves up because why couldn’t I just complete this simple list of things I wanted to do this year. The resolution and purpose for setting the list is then lost. We are lost, we become self-judging and critical and revert most times even worse back to the old Samskaras.

Let this year be the year for your success. Rather than making those lists of resolutions, set an intention, keep it simple, keep it loving.

My list is quite simple as it usually is for me. I intend to do more reading this year, more self-study or Svādhyāya. I intend to take time for myself to do the things I truly love and be with the people and furbabies whom I love. See it can be that simple and quite rewarding. If I were a list keeper, I’d be done this one by January 2nd or in reality, I do this everyday. All kidding aside, isn’t it more meaningful to live each day with our best intention?

Each day take the moment, place a hand on your heart and say this is why I am here. I have love and light to share and give to others and make their day the best day possible. Isn’t that much more fulfilling than a list?


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