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Why host J. Brown?????

I’m sure if you are on my webpage, you see that J. Brown is coming to teach his wonderful workshop, Gentle is the New Advanced. So why host another teacher or why not teach something similar myself, I’m a 500 E-RYT, I know some of what I’m doing? Well first off, I’ve followed and listened to his Podcasts and videos for many years so I’m a huge fan. I have the ability now, having my own studio to bring his wonderfulness and experience to my community. Most important to me, his teachings are in alignment with how I wish to be as a student and as a teacher. I lean into the gentler side of teaching, I love offering this to my students and I love taking classes taught this way. Having said that, let me explain a little of my yoga experience.

I’ve practiced yoga for as long as I can remember so I have a history with the practice and a love for learning. Over the years, I’ve established a relatively solid personal practice although as a teacher, that’s diminished somewhat. (We’re all a work in progress and I’m working on getting back to my personal practice. LOL) Also, over the years I’ve ventured to many studios trying to find that right fit. I’ve had a lot of excellent teachers who have led me through a practice that has been great. On the flip side, I’ve taken classes from teachers whom I’d never go back to for multiple reasons. Obviously, as a teacher now myself, I don’t want to be that teacher that people don’t want to come to again.

Back to J. Brown, as I sought out studio classes I practiced for years in a local hot studio practicing Baptiste style yoga. While Baptiste’s teachings and his style resonated with me at that time in my life, I kept drifting away and more to my personal practice again. I felt that I was missing something, I didn’t know what at the time. So my personal practice really grew. I was going back to videos and books that had been my go to resources. With the new age of the internet I found even more resources at my fingertips. I found J. Brown. Immediately, upon listening to his podcasts and seeing his videos, I was like “yes” this is it!!! The softer gentler side to yoga I had been seeking. I love his delivery of yoga in all aspects. I didn’t need to throw myself through a crazy fast practice, I was given permission by an expert to slow it down, take the time whatever it was that I needed. If I feel this way, I’m sure many others have. I have thoughts on “power yoga”, but that’s for another blog post in the future.

I’m so super grateful and excited that he has agreed to come to my modest studio and share of himself. If you are on the fence of should I come or not to this workshop, my vote is “yes”, you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully, I can convince him to come back and teach his other workshops.

Love and light, my friends.


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